Advantages of Buying an Existing Established Business


Anyone can buy a business, but not everyone can start and run a successful business.

Aspiring entrepreneurs are often faced with the dilemma of considering the cost- benefit analysis of buying an existing business rather than starting one from scratch.  Starting a business can be a great learning experience for someone who is willing to wait for months or even years before realizing the fruits of one’s hard work and investment. However, the failure rates for start-up businesses are substantially higher with unfavorable odds for success. As such, astute entrepreneurs are always looking to buy an existing established business with a track record of performance rather than to assume the risks and headaches of starting a business from scratch.

Clearly, there are inherent risks and challenges associated with every type of business.  However, starting a business from base zero is much more difficult and entails additional elements of risk  in  turning a mere concept into a thriving and profitable business, not to mention the time and investment  required along with normal pitfalls of developing a business. Even those looking to establish a brand new franchise operation face challenges and pitfalls of start-ups.  There is little doubt that buying an existing business with a turn-key operation can be more cost effective and less risky than a start-up.  A business buyer has the advantage of evaluating the risks and opportunities of the business potential given the track record of performance and asset valuation.  Moreover, the buyer is free to negotiate for management and operational support before and after the business is sold to insure a smooth training/transition of business sale with respect to employees, customers, landlord, and suppliers.  Nothing is more beneficial for the business buyer than to have the certainty of business operation performing normally and hassle free.

CEO Business Brokers Makes Buying an Existing Established Business Simple

Expertise and knowledge are the two key factors for success when it comes to buying a business through a broker.  CEO Business Brokers has a team of experts who are not just brokers but business owners with a successful track record of running businesses. Every step of the way buyers are guided with respect to finding a suitable business that meets operational and industry desirability criterion.  Also, support is provided to the buyers in obtaining company financials and other due diligence requirements for closing the deal.  Those seeking business financing, including SBA loans, can benefit from extensive background of CEO Business Brokers senior management that has over 50-years of industry expertise.

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Anyone can buy a business, but not everyone can start and run a successful business. There are many benefits of buying an established business instead of actually starting one from scratch. CEO Business Brokers helps facilitate buying a business so that investors can start realizing the cash flow benefits immediately rather than wait for the start-up business to turn profitable.  Business buyers can easily learn about the best available businesses for sale by searching the website –  Contact Dave Nagar 917-929-6194 for free expert advice!