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Selling your business is a major decision! You have devoted your time, money, and energy into building, running, and operating your business.

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Buying a business can be a complicated procedure, from finding the right one to working out all the details required for a smooth transfer of ownership.

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We are business professionals, not just sales people!

CEO Business Brokers is a highly respected and trusted company in helping to facilitate buying and selling of businesses.  Our clients consist of domestic and international individual investors, private equity funds, and corporate acquisitions firms. We specialize in confidential sale and acquisition of small to medium-size businesses.  

CEO Business Brokers Team’s expertise: owning, operating, consulting & financing businesses.  Our team of professionals has decades of experience with a solid proven track record of success. We provide a broad range of customized services that are unique to the business brokerage industry and invaluable to our clients.

When you deal with us, you are dealing with a team of business professionals with decades of experience and hands on expertise in running businesses.  Also, our executive directors have senior management background with major corporations and financial institutions.

We just don’t list your businesses for sale.  We prepare and custom tailor marketing plan for buying and selling business.

CEO Business Brokers has operations throughout New York, NJ, Connecticut and throughout the United States.

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CEO Business Brokers is light years ahead of other business brokers.

Here is how we can help you sell your business:

  • Strict confidentially in listing of your business

  • Professional valuation and opinion about the sale price.

  • Selling your business at the highest possible price in a time sensitive manner.

  • Financing options for selling the business.

  • Pre-qualifying willing and ready buyers.

  • Marketing your business with a targeted search to find qualified buyers.

  • Minimizing the time you spend on the process so that you can continue normal business operation.

If you are seriously thinking of buying or selling a business, contact us today to schedule a free no obligation consultation. Call us at 917-929-6194 or fill out our contact form.


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Our Services

  • Day Care Start-Up Consulting Services

    Let our experts (current and former business owners with over 30-years’ experience) guide you in starting your business cost-effectively, while saving time and money. A Day Care business in New York is governed by a complex set of rules and regulations, specific to both the type of business and the State of New York.

    CEO Business Brokers’ comprehensive expert start-up and licensing consulting services will help you:

    • Save Time & Money – Our consultants have over 30 years’ experience in starting and running daycare/educational businesses in New York.
    • Get Professional Advice:
      • Set-up A Proper Legal Entity & Day Care Type
      • Obtain Licenses & Permits
      • Meet Health & Safety Requirements
      • Acquire Government Funding & Vouchers
      • Secure Adequate Insurance Protection
      • Hire Employees, Run Background Checks and Meet Government Requirements & Regulations
      • Meet Operational Management Standards
      • Activate Financial Management & Controls
      • Receive Ongoing Support & Advice
  • Franchisor Consultancy & Advisory Services

    CEO Business Brokers’ Experience & Expertise: We are current and former owners of franchises and know what it takes to run a successful business. Astute franchisors benefit from our unique capabilities. It’s just not about selling franchises, but it’s all about building a solid business for success! Let us help you by joining our winning team.

    We have a team of experts who are experienced in building your existing business and developing new opportunities for growth. Our success is built upon a seasoned team of consultants who are either current or former franchise owners and area developers. We are not in the business of selling franchises, but are committed to helping franchise buyers realize their dreams and aspirations in building a solid business that they can be passionate about. As such, franchisors find our unique capabilities very effective in recruiting franchisees and expanding their global network.

    We are involved in all aspects, from startup to the sale of master franchise and area developer rights. We assist franchisors on strategies, franchisee selection, advertising, marketing, and management policies for growth.

    Franchisors as well as franchisees turn to our company for expert advisory services in the US and abroad. We provide practical advice that’s specific to your business, avoiding cookie-cutter approache. Our team takes a genuine interest in understanding your business and works to set realistic goals and recommendations in a straightforward manner. We strive to develop innovative solutions that are time sensitive, effective, efficient and measurable in modifying tactical and strategic goals. Join our team and let our experts help you realize success.

  • Learning Center Consultancy

    Consultants at CEO Business Brokers have decades of experience in owning and running successful learning center and children’s enrichment businesses, including kids gyms, tutoring centers, in addition to providing consulting services in the educational business. Our experts will help guide you through the entire process to understand the needs of your market through demographic analysis, sight selection, optimal product and service matrix consideration. They will also help evaluate the ideal franchise selection for your business.  Don’t take our word for it! Call us for a free consultation to see for yourself the vast expertise and experience that  will be available to you before you risk your hard earn capital to start your own learning center.

  • Restaurant Start-Up & Turnaround Consulting

    Our objective is to help business owners reevaluate their operations and formulate strategies to make their businesses more efficient and profitable. We provide small business owners with advisory services to help achieve goals in a cost effective and time sensitive manner. Whether you are looking to improve the bottom line, streamline operations, reduce costs, improve sales or prepare your business for sale, we can help support your needs, step-by-step throughout the entire process.

    Turnaround Consulting Services for Distressed Restaurants – Our team of experts will provide an objective analysis of your strengths and weaknesses to define multiple strategies to enhance the value of your business, increase its profitability, or potentially sell your business. The broad range of services provided range from financing options to operational advisory of management, costs & expenses, menu revisions and upgrade, marketing and advertising.

    We can work with you to prepare a feasibility study that will give you the necessary information to make a sound business decision and know what is required to maximize the optimal return of your time and financial investment.

  • Business Financing

    We are uniquely qualified to help your business obtain the right type of financing that provides attractive rates and terms in the shortest period of time. Our team of experts consists of current and former business owners (some with extensive senior banking/finance management backgrounds with top financial institutions). As such, you are guaranteed a one-stop solution for obtaining the most appropriate financial services for your business needs.

  • Strategic Financial Advisory

    CEO’s principals have helped dozens of clients achieve their business goals through advising and executing a variety of transactions including mergers, acquisitions, re-capitalization and debt financing. CEO’s financial and due diligence advisory has a long history, track-record and relationships in the lower middle-market; it can provide the necessary support to guide buyers and sellers alike through transactions.

  • Commercial Real Estate Services

    Services for a broad range of real estate uses are provided throughout the US and internationally. We help obtain expert advice, including independent evaluations, property management, accounting & audit, mortgage financing, construction, and brokerage services. We help provide customized solutions for projects both large and small for our clients worldwide.

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