Day Care Start-Up Consulting Services

Let our experts (current and former business owners with over 30-years experience) guide you in starting your business cost effectively while saving time and money. A Day Care business in New York is governed by complex set of rules and regulations specific both to the type of business and to the state of New York.

CEO Business Brokers’ comprehensive expert start-up and licensing consulting services will help you:

  • Saves Time & Money – Our consultants have over 30 years in starting and running daycare/educational businesses in New York.
  • Get the Professional Advise:
    1. Set-up Proper Legal Entity & Day Care Type
    2. Obtaining Licenses & Permits
    3. Health & Safety Requirments
    4. Obtaining Government Funding & Vouchers
    5. Adequate Insurance Protection
    6. Hiring Employees, Background Checks And Meeting Government Requirments
    7. Operational Management Standards
    8. Financial Management
    9. Ongoing Support & Advisory

Contact CEO Business Brokers to start your day care business with an expert team of advisors.