Why Choose CEO Business Brokers for Selling Your Business?

Owners Must Focus 110% Running their Business And Let The  Professional Experts Sell The Business!

Selling a business is a highly complex and specialized process.   A business owner has the responsibility of running all aspects of the operation and utilizing the available time as efficiently as possible in maximizing sales, managing staff and payroll, securing purchases, paying suppliers, filing taxes and attempting to make the most money possible from running the business.  An owner of a business has more than enough responsibilities just managing the day-to-day operation of the business than to also worry about the complex process of selling the business. Clearly, most business owners have to devote 110% of their time just to keep the operation running “business-as-usual” without having to worry about marketing and finding suitable buyers for their business.     As such, astute business owners seek out the professional services of CEO BUSINESS BROKERS, INC. for marketing and negotiating the highest possible price for the sale of their business in the shortest period of time possible.

An experienced business broker offering professional services can provide the best results for selling the business in a time sensitive manner for the highest possible price. Concurrent with running the business with full efficiency while attempting to sell the business on one’s own is a highly risky strategy for the business sellers in terms of loss of confidentiality (especially with respect to employees, customers, vendors, landlord etc.) and the time and expense required to advertise/market the business to obtain the best possible sale price for the business.   Getting distracted and losing business focus can greatly drive down the value of the very same business that the owner is looking to sell. Even after deducting the professional fees earned by the business broker, the business seller should be able to walk away with more money than proceeds from selling the business on his/or her own.  In short, the business owner must continue to operate the business in the most effective manner without getting distracted with the complexities of trying to sell the business.

CEO BUSINESS BROKERS, INC. provides a full range of professional services to find the most qualified buyers as well as relieving the complexities of selling businesses.  As a result, the business owner saves time, money and maintains the confidentiality in obtaining the highest possible price for the business resulting from professional brokerage services.

Listed below are key benefits to the owner/seller of the business benefiting from professional services of CEO Business Brokers:

  • CONFIDENTIALITY – It’s vital to have strict confidentiality when selling a business. The business owner needs to insure that employees and customers do not get panicked and concerned about the uncertainty of continued operation. Everything possible must be done to insure that the sale of business is not disclosed to ANYONE!  Once the employees learn about the sale of the business, they may seek other opportunities elsewhere and deprive the business of best possible operations and customer service.  Clearly, this could result in lower sales and profitability for the business just when the potential buyer looks to evaluate the operation for buying the business.
  • ADVERTISING & MARKETING – Selling a business requires considerable amount of money to advertise and market. Adverting is NOT CHEAP.  It takes professional expertise to develop a marketing strategy and target the most suitable buyer.  CEO Business Brokers has expertise in widely advertising and marketing businesses as well as a database of ready and willing buyers for all types of businesses. It’s never a good idea to sell the business on your own if you are looking to realize the highest possible value for your business.
  • SALE PRICE & TERMS PROFESSIONALLY NEGOTIATED – CEO BUSINESS BROKERS is a professional in selling businesses. Selling a business is a complex process and trying to sell the business on one’s own can greatly compromise the ability to obtain the best sales price and terms.

Contact CEO BUSINESS BROKERS and get the best professional business brokerage services for selling your business for the highest price in the shortest possible time.

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